December 2013
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Call for papers

Call for papers QUAESTI 2013

The program committee solicits original research papers to be considered for presentation at the virtual conference and publication in conference proceedings. Topics of interest and instructions for conference contribution are listed below.

QUAESTI 2013 areas of interest include a wide range of research, science, applied science and various topics.
This year, in addition to such topics, we would like to address new and emerging research areas in control, such as:

  • Business Management, Consulting, Sales
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Economy and Business Economics, Banking, Financial
  • Public service, Law
  • Financing and Accounting
  • Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy, Social Science, Families, Work, Activism, Lifestyle Choices
  • News, Media, Internet
  • Education, Science Education, Home Schooling, Math Education, Environmental Education, Distance Education
  • Medicine, Healt, Alternative, Beauty, Fitness, Neurology, Pharmacy
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Art, Religion, History, Culturology, Philosophy, Architecture, Photography, Design, Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Ecology, Forestry, Earth Science
  • Agriculture
  • Natural science - mathematics
  • Natural science - chemistry
  • Natural science - biology
  • Natural science - physics
  • Geographical
  • Electronics, Electrical Systems, Electrical Engineering
  • Energy
  • Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Open Source, World Wide Web
  • Information Technology
  • Wireless Technology, Databases, Graphics, Security
  • Networking
  • Transport and Logistics

 Paper template can be downloaded from here.

Moreover, the Authors of selected papers will be asked to prepare extended versions of them and they will be published, according to their contents, in the following journals available at our list:

 Please contact us for more information at


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