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Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers QUAESTI 2013

QUAESTI 2013 is seeking scholars interested in serving on our volunteer Editorial Review Board. If you are interested, please submit the following information to . We will respond to your inquiry shortly. If you have a colleague who may enjoy serving on our volunteer Editorial Review Board, please feel free to forward our Website address to him or her.

Peer reviewers are charged with providing feedback to scientific papers about the merits of submissions in terms of quality and contribution to the field.  Reviewers are expected to write reviews in a timely, collegial, and constructive manner. Maintaining QUAESTI as a scientific conference of the highest quality depends on reviewers with a high level of expertise and an ability to be objective, fair, and insightful in their evaluation of manuscripts.

Applicants must have a doctorate (or an equivalent degree), and significant publishing and reviewing experience.  Due to the high volume of applications, only accepted applicants will be contacted via email.

Please send your application for membership to the scientific committee in the following format (at ):

Email subject: Reviewer Application  
Your name:    
Email address:    
Postal address:    
City, State, Country:    
Name of your institution:    
Department or Division:    
Website of institution:    
Your title or position:    
Your highest degree:    
Scientific orientation: (e.g.: database systems, finance, history, ...)  



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