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Frequently Asked Questions QUAESTI 2013

What is a Virtual Conference?
A virtual conference is a way of presenting results via the Internet, without the necessity of physical attendance. Conference participants do not travel anywhere. Individual submissions are available for the whole duration of the conference and anyone can discuss them at any time via the conference chat-rooms. It is possible to communicate with the participants of the conference and to easily get their contact details if they are willing to share them.

What are the benefits of a virtual conference?
The participants of the conference do not travel anywhere. The participant chooses the time, which suits him/her the most effectively, in order to visit a particular discussion. The participants can hold discussions with the other authors about any paper at any time using the chat-room facility. Unlike a common conference this one is much more flexible. In addition, the conference offers all the features of a scientific conference such as scientific reviews and publication output.

How do you participate in the conference process, from the beginning to the end?
A participant must register at the portal via: https://quaesti.com/register-at-portal/

  1. After logging into the system press the button ‘Papers & Conferences'
  2. By pressing ‘Add new paper to the conference’ a paper can be submitted
  3. By checking the checkbox ‘Attach article files immediately’ the article is selected, then you just have to press the UPLOAD button to submit your paper to the server.

The author can edit his papers via ‘Papers & Conferences’ -> ‘My papers’.

Who is the conference for?
The conference is open to all researchers (including students, PhD students, post graduates, companies , etc.). There is no age limit or other restriction for participants.

The conference fee...
The conference fee is tied to one submission. More submissions can be merged to one registered account, but only after acceptance are you required to pay for each accepted paper.  Each paper is identified by an unique ID that is used for payment identification. The paper ID will be sent via email after the acceptance of the submission.

What will participants obtain after the conference ends?
When the conference ends the participants will receive: a DVD with the proceedings of the conference, with an ISBN number. A certificate of participation, and the invoice from the registration fee payment.

Are the conference proceedings indexed in scientific databases?
All papers are placed in the indexes listed on the main page of the conference. The organisation committee of the conference is working sequentially to add the contents of the conference to other indexes and any change will be announced via the conference portal.

Who guarantees the proficiency of the conference(s)?
The organisation committee of the conference runs everything. The course of the conference and proficiency of each section is guaranteed by Thomson ltd. (a company certified for the execution of research by the Ministry of Education within the Slovak Republic). The scientific and review committee is detailed on the conference webpage and is comprised of international experts.

Can I attend the conference as a reviewer or a member of the organising team?
The conference is open to cooperate with experts. At the same time any request for participation within the team of experts is decided on the basis of the professional qualities of the candidate. A decision can be made about the possible acceptance of an applicant as a member of the expert, organisational or reviewers’ team.

Who has access to the conference chat-rooms (during the conference itself)?
All reviewers and accepted conference participants have access to the conference chat-rooms.


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